Serene Lady by Thomas Maley
  • Thomas Maley

  • Title:Serene Lady
  • Inventory#:MALEY1000133-03
  • Size:65" x 10" x 10"
  • Medium:Resin
  • Price:$14,000
  • Cast Resin edition of no more than 25. This is one of artist, Thomas Maley's, favorite sculptures. This is the sculpture he chose to mark a memorial garden for him and his wife that stands at the back of the ... READ MORE
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Thomas Maley

Thomas Maley (1911-2000)

            Thomas Maley lived and worked as an artist for most of his life on Martha’s Vineyard. His home and studio were located in a large field in rural West Tisbury behind the Field Gallery which he founded in 1970.

Largely self-taught, Thomas started out as a commercial photographer in New York City before relocating to West Tisbury with his wife Helen in 1946. He was a prolific painter and worked in every medium from water colors to oils and acrylics. Though he considered himself foremost a painter he is best known for his iconic larger than life sculptures. Thomas began creating sculptures in the late 1950’s. He experimented with different materials, eventually settling on mainly urethane foam, fiberglass and epoxy. By the mid 1960’s he started making large scale sculptures. These oversized statues were sprinkled across the field in front of his house, (no longer there), as they are today, surrounding the present-day Field Gallery. Thomas also designed similar tabletop figures cast in white resin and verdigris bronze that he made in limited editions. His pieces were intended to represent the human spirit and were joyful odes to life. Created with wit and whimsy, they celebrate the human form with humor. Mr. Maley never took himself too seriously. On discussing his career as an artist, Thomas said,” It never occurred to me to actually get anywhere in life.”

Thomas Maley’s career spanned over fifty years. He leaves behind a legacy of work, mostly with family and in private collections, but his lively statues live on.  He continued to work until the day he died, preparing for an exhibit at the Field Gallery scheduled to open four days after his death. He died in August 2000 at the age of 89 in his home. 

Serene Lady
Thomas Maley
65" x 10" x 10"
     Edition of 25
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