Horizon by Jennifer Christy
Jennifer Christy
Jennifer Christy
Artist Statement

When I paint, I draw on my time spent in the natural island landscape. When I was young, hours were spent here with my twin sister following streams to their ends, walking for whole afternoons along ponds to a cut out to the ocean and skating out along a shoreline to where the ice shifted from a glassy smoothness to the sculptured roughness of ripples caught in motion. The island is a trove of inspiring archetypal forms and spaces: harbors, promontories, inlets, and cliff tops. It is as if it is a world in miniature: red clay pools, wetland moss grottoes, windblown dunes and rocky outcroppings. I sketch forms and layer color until I recognize these familiar archetypes and formations. I paint to find the images and forms of the natural island world revealed again.
My work is very connected to the natural forms of the island on which I have lived most of my life. Approaching the Vineyard, from the mainland, I have, from the beginning, been drawn to following the contours of the shoreline, the patterns of the wind on the water surface and the silhouettes of vegetation and cliffs, ancient hills and glacial rocks. Inspiration for my work has come from paddling an old canoe out onto Quitsa and exploring the inlets and small bays, following a winding stream as it wends its way to the shore, and skating out onto the oblong shapes of our winter ponds. These shapes, hues, forms and contours of our island are imprinted onto me and my paintings are the reflection of that connection with my island world.
Jennifer Christy
Acrylic and Gold leaf on Canvas
36" x 108"     Framed: 38" x 110"
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