N-202 JW Wattsworth Locket Series- Sunset House 2 by Kenneth Pillsworth
Kenneth Pillsworth

Kenneth Pillsworth

     Kenneth Pillsworth is an artist whose palette is a rich array of metals, gems and unusual stones that he combines in unique ways, creating stunning artisanal pieces. Kenneth’s background in fine metal work began just after high school when he had the opportunity to apprentice with William Scholl, a master goldsmith. Kenneth then honed his skills as a fine arts jeweler on Martha’s Vineyard, apprenticing for both Paul D’Olympia and Richard Hamilton.

     Each piece of jewelry he creates is like an individual composition, conveying a specific statement. They are stark and utilitarian, but striking in their simplicity; consisting of layered metals in different tones and textures that he blends together in unusual ways. Kenneth exploits the properties of the metals he works with, starting out with the larger forms and “sprinkling” in the smaller, moving around the shapes as he “sketches” out his concepts in metal, creating “abstract compositions in metal.”

     When working with stones or gems, Kenneth forms the concept for the piece around the stone he is featuring, building the design around its inherent features. He says, “the materials dictate what I do.” The finished product is a masterful combination of artistry and skilled craftsmanship. Kenneth’s newest collection of lockets features metal shapes in abstract layouts. It is a departure from the symmetry of his previous pieces, giving him the opportunity to branch out into other jewelry forms with the inclusion of earrings, rings and bracelets.

Kenneth Pillsworth’s jewelry may also be found in numerous galleries and shops nationwide.

N-202 JW Wattsworth Locket Series- Sunset House 2
Kenneth Pillsworth
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