July 23rd
Jennifer Christy & Ruth Hamill
July 23, 2017 - August 5, 2017

Artists' Reception Sunday, July 23rd from 5-7pm.

Abstract painter Jennifer Christy returns to the Field Gallery with her abstract island landscapes. Jennifer says "When I paint, I draw on my time spent in the natural island landscape. When I was young, hours were spent here with my twin sister following streams to their ends, walking for whole afternoons along ponds to a cut out to the ocean and skating out along a shoreline to where the ice shifted from a glassy smoothness to the sculptured roughness of ripples caught in motion. The island is a trove of inspiring archetypal forms and spaces: harbors, promontories, inlets, and cliff tops. It is as if it is a world in miniature: red clay pools, wetland moss grottoes, windblown dunes and rocky outcroppings. I sketch forms and layer color until I recognize these familiar archetypes and formations. I paint to find the images and forms of the natural island world revealed again."

Painter Ruth Hamill explores the Vineyard's waters in a series of contemporary encaustic paintings. Bordering on the abstract, Ruth's work captures the motion and energy of the Island's ever changing seashore. "My work is about the transiency of life with the waves and tides of ocean life acting as a visual metaphor for the overall transiency.  I use traditional materials in new ways."

The reception, held from 5-7 pm at the Field Gallery in West Tisbury, next to the West Tisbury Free Public Library, is free and open to the public.